Three Melatonin Articles Summary

This is a repository on three important articles of study regarding melatonin (not all the articles we looked at regarding melatonin)

The Electrain Series-Caffeine

Our next mitochondrial supplement is caffeine. The term ‘caffeine’ originates from the Arabic word ‘qahweh.’ Chemists first isolated it in 1819 from coffee, and it is naturally present in chocolate, tea, and cacao pods. Beans, guarana, and kola nuts also contain caffeine. Caffeine is very popular and more than eighty percent of adults in North […]

The Electrain Series-Melatonin

At first glance, the inclusion of melatonin as the fourth supplement might come as a surprise, given its well-known role in promoting sleep. This hormone is naturally produced by the pineal gland, particularly in conditions of low light detection, and its discovery dates back to 1958 when American physician Aaron B. Lerner identified it at […]

The Electrain Series-Riboflavin

The third supplement in The Electrain Series is Riboflavin. Do you wonder what makes your urine yellow? It’s riboflavin! It is also known as Vitamin B2. Alexander Wynter Blyth first discovered riboflavin in 1879 in milk. However, it was officially named and extracted in 1922. The same Vitamin B2 was also found in eggs and […]

The Electrain Series-CoQ10

The first supplement we will be exploring is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The two forms are ubiquinone and ubiquinol and they will be compared in this post!