About Us

This is just the beginning

At Oval Bio our goal is to improve global access to high-quality Life Extension Technology (LET).

We believe Life Extension will be necessary for all developed and developing countries within the next twenty years.

Our long-term goal is to lower the cost of entry to Life Extension Technology (LET) with our open-source/collaborative philosophy, guiding others in their own journey to create, improve, and invent technologies of their own.

Our short-term goal is to develop, invent and manufacture Life Extension Pods, Diagnostics tools, and therapeutics, where each iteration will be more advanced and more economic than the last.

At Oval we have the outlook of community, not competition, and are open to working with anyone wanting to advance LET.

Please contact us if you are a company or individual wanting to join forces.

Our values

Efficacy Above Everything

We built the Oval womb for our own use, as such we don’t want to waste our time going in something that isn’t as efficacious as it can be.

If you’re not growing you’re dying

This is our way of saying that the womb is now and always will be a work in progress. This is why we have have designed it from the ground up to be upgradable so that instead of needing to buy a whole new womb when there is a new or improved technology, that customers can instead just add on or swap out those new and better technologies

It is better to have ten percent of ten million than have one hundred percent of one million.

This is why we embrace extreme open source with the womb. We want to let others build on top of and improve the womb and keep all the rewards for doing so. If the womb is just the platform for a combinatory therapeutic and diagnostic vehicle in which rejuvenation and detailed map of one’s state of health is tracked then great.

Put customers first

We see optimism at the corner of every turn

Meet The Oval Leadership Team

Mike Kiamanesh

CEO & Founder

Mike Kiamanesh is the founder of, and has been in the start-up space for fifteen years. He has incorporated the lessons learned from his experiences into making Oval a success. He envisions Oval becoming a syndicate composed of independent groups and forward-thinking individuals who share the goal of making meaningful life extension accessible across the socioeconomic spectrum. As we age, life extension becomes even more pertinent, so he feels incredibly grateful to use Oval’s products himself. He sees Oval not as another business venture, but as a life mission.


Chief Engineer & Co-Founder
Lawrence Sasso is the Chief Technology Officer of He has invented multiple technologies in the biotechnology space, and also has experience in business development and sales of consumer products and capital equipment. Lawrence has been involved with since its founding. He sees Oval as a creative outlet and an opportunity to create products that make people happy.

Riley Cassel

Riley Cassel is a Texas native, inventor, hardware developer, and open source advocate. He learned the basics at a young age from family members who worked in military and industrial technology, then attended Alamo community college, Texas A&M, and UTSA.  He develops sensors, devices, and supporting software in an open-source manner, allowing to share its longevity technology with everyone.