The Synergistic Aspects of Oxygen Therapy and Red Light Therapy

This article discusses's triumverate approach to nanobubble oxygen therapy in conjunction with red light therapy.

This article delves into’s unique triumvirate oxygen therapy approach, exploring its role alongside red light therapy (RLT) and elucidating the synergies between the two for potential user benefits.

At, our aim is to maximize oxygen delivery to the user. To achieve this, we advocate our distinctive triumvirate oxygen therapy, delivering oxygen through three body systems: digestive, circulatory (dermal), and respiratory. Before treatment, users consume highly enriched nanobubble oxygen water (digestive). Subsequently, they undergo dermal immersion to osmotically absorb oxygen through the skin while simultaneously breathing in oxygen (respiratory). Utilizing these three bodily systems allows us to surpass previous standards in oxygen delivery.

For more information on the rationale behind saturating the body with oxygen, [2].

Each of the three methods is explained in greater detail below:

  1. Nanobubbles facilitate transcutaneous oxygen intake, saturating the circulatory system by connecting the skin to the blood. Explore the benefits of nanobubble therapy and oxygen therapy in general [3].
  2. In our triumvirate oxygen delivery method, users breathe oxygen through a mask during nanobubble immersion therapy, saturating the respiratory system. Extensive studies show that increased oxygen intake enhances exercise capabilities [1], stimulates brain activity [2], and improves energy metabolism [3], among other benefits.
  3. Nanobubble water, akin to oxygenated water, contains oxygen but at a higher concentration due to the unique property of nanobubbles not being truly “dissolved” in water. Consumed just before therapy, nanobubble water saturates the digestive system with oxygen, showcasing benefits such as increased cell growth [4] and support in treating serious diseases [5].

Oxygen and Red Light Therapies Synergistic Effect

In using each of the three mediums, we can supersaturate the body with its maximum amount of oxygen it can hold, as these are the three main systems in which the body intakes oxygen from the environment.

Additionally, by delivering oxygen in three different ways, we ensure that all users will be able to absorb the highest concentration of oxygen, regardless of how their bodies might react to the therapy. For example, just breathing in oxygen has limited potential to deliver oxygen to the extremities if the user has fewer or more damaged capillaries– thus by combining breathing oxygen through a mask with nanobubble immersion therapy, we can deliver oxygen to the blood of said extremities. This can be said about the combination of any two forms of oxygen therapy in our triumvirate.

Synergistic Power: Combining Red and Near Infrared Light with Oxygen Therapy at

We plan to combine oxygen therapy with red and near-infrared light therapy, a strategy supported by scientific literature, especially the synergy observed with red light and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Numerous studies demonstrate that this combination offers greater relief in wound healing and foot ulcers compared to individual therapies, showcasing their synergistic effects.

For insights into our choice of nanobubble oxygen therapy over hyperbaric oxygen therapy, [5].

The rationale behind integrating red light and oxygen therapy lies in our triumvirate approach, aiming to saturate the body with the maximum oxygen mitochondria can efficiently process. Red light therapy enhances mitochondria function, allowing efficient processing of oxygen into ATP through cellular respiration. This combination maximizes ATP benefits in cognitive function, wound healing, and muscle recovery. In essence, it’s a case where 1 + 1 = 11.











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