Milk is a Superfood

Do you like dairy? We have some good news! Milk is a nutritional powerhouse and new probiotics like Bactose are letting more people than ever enjoy it.

Milk is a Superfood

Superfoods aren’t always exotic.

They don’t need to have unpronounceable names or your local yoga instructor’s stamp of approval. 

Most of us have enjoyed one since birth. 

Moreover, breastfeeding distinguishes mammals from the rest of the animal kingdom. Odd as it may seem, this fact is difficult to dispute. Milk forms the basis of our brains, providing a perfect blend of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. [1] 

Maybe this is what prompted Bill Kazmaier, winner of three World’s Strongest Man competitions, to say that “milk is everything.” It’s no wonder so many strongmen followed the GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) plan. [2]

It’s hard to think of a more potent nutritional powerhouse, and it’s not just for strength athletes. Dairy consumption has been repeatedly shown to facilitate weight loss while encouraging lean body mass. [3] [4]

Sarcopenia, age-related muscle wasting, poses a risk factor for Metabolic Syndrome, a precursor to diabetes and heart disease.

Those who can’t comfortably consume the wholesomeness of dairy are at a disadvantage, but probiotics like Bactose can help. 

This is all fine and good, you think. But is it for adults too? 

Isn’t it unnatural?  

After all, they chime in, “no other species drinks another animal’s milk!” 

Upon closer examination, this assertion does not withstand scrutiny. In contrast, no other animal engages in the selective breeding of crops, the purification of drinking water, or the systematic treatment of disease.

If everything unnatural needs to be tossed aside, we’d better start tearing down civilization immediately. 

Wait a minute! 

What about “the science” behind it?  

What are the specific claims against dairy consumption, and why are they wrong? 

‍Unraveling the Evolution of Lactose Tolerance: A Journey into History and Superpowers

Before going into the details, we have to first go back into history. Today processing lactose is no big deal, one that many of us take for granted. A few thousand years ago, those who could drink milk had something like a superpower, one that made them more likely to survive than those who did not. [5]

Today Bactose can help you enjoy ice cream again, which is also a superpower of sorts. 

Since it doesn’t seem to be the byproduct of another adaptation, it’s probably not what evolutionary biologists call a spandrel, a byproduct of another adaptation. 

‍Unlocking Nutrient-Dense Calories: The Evolutionary Advantage of Lactose Tolerance in Adulthood

It serves a purpose, and a rather obvious one. Lactose tolerance in adulthood offered a huge advantage: a renewable source of nutrient-dense calories was now unlocked.  

In an era where so many busy people are looking to replace meals with liquids, it seems strange that milk is often overlooked. 

Vince Gironda is responsible for sculpting some of history’s most iconic physiques: Arnold Scharzeneggar, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, and Lou Ferrigno all trained at his feet. [7]  

It’s no wonder the likes of Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, and James Garner sought him out. 

And guess what? 

He was a firm proponent of drinking milk. 

‍Gut Health and Hollywood: The Link You Can’t Ignore with Bactose

Even if you’re not starring in the next Hollywood blockbuster or planning to pose at the next Mr. Olympia, your health begins with your gut. With Bactose, you can look and feel as good as you want.  

Unlike straight lactase, which degrades before reaching the intestine, Bactose adheres and populates the small intestine, bringing lasting relief. 

More and more, we’re understanding how the microbiome affects every aspect of our health.

Take Bactose every day for a week for up to two months of freedom.

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